26 thoughts on “Trouble

            1. I don’t think… I know! 😝

              I absolutely cannot write anything unless it’s solid in my heart and/or mind. Thus, I read random blogs and I think a lot.

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            2. Mine aren’t solid at all like yours… they are more like passing thoughts that sometimes take form, if I happen to have a paper and pen handy at the right time. 😉 Lol…

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            3. That’s good and not a bother at all… especially because I like it when others can keep a conversation going. I feel more at ease when somebody else leads.

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            4. I’m all about participation. Why follow someone’s blog and never say anything? I know not everyone is going to like every post, but hardly ever saying anything or liking every once in a while…. I don’t see the point.

              I’m an all or nothing sort…

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            5. Very rarely can I not find something to say lol! It might not be the best comment in the world but I did contribute.

              It’s amazing because in person I’m speak when spoken to. On here, I can talk endlessly about anything… yes.. I’m weird.

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