In the still of the night


In the still of the night
he came to me.
Kneeling beside me,
I could feel his feathery touch.
He was memorizing my features,
hoping I wouldn’t wake.
I was only pretending to be asleep,
enjoying the feel of his hand.
Desperately wanting to reach out,
but not daring to ruin the moment.
And I wondered about all he was thinking,
as he traced every crease on my face.
I wanted to open my eyes and smile,
as he placed warm kisses on my cheeks.
But I dared not even open one eye,
for I knew he’d then be gone.

© 2019 Michelle Cook

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16 thoughts on “In the still of the night

    1. Oh that is a beautiful thought! Hmmm….. ever wonder if you’ve ever met an angel for real? I’m pretty sure I have. There have been only a few instances, but I walked away feeling amazed, different, and somehow profoundly changed. I think it’s another reason why it’s so easy for me to believe that there is a divine creator. Maybe they’ve merely been people who are so close to God that they’ve felt like angels, but whatever the reason, I can’t discount what I’ve experienced.


    1. Oh that’s funny….. I wrote this last year. I’ve been trying to finish up a bunch of old poems that I started and never finished. I guess I just happened to finish this one at the right time to line up with your dream. 😉


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