Lover of words


He was a lover of words
Drifting through time
And I tried unsuccessfully
To make him mine

He was a hoper, a dreamer
Very much like me
And when we were together
He was all I could see

He had a very unique way
Of making me feel
As if the world was all mine
Ready to steal

He was impulsive and sexy
Witty and fun
And his charming personality
Could not be outdone

He was so many things
I felt that I needed
But I soon lost my way
And I never succeeded

© 2020 Michelle Cook

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27 thoughts on “Lover of words

  1. I wanted to say, as per your last response: I always put it all out there.

    People don’t know if you’ve fictionalized something or not, it’s the writer;s prerogative and it will always get your work more attention.

    My short stories in Fiction always got praise. Everyone thought I was making things up when I was really just writing about myself in the third person.

    My professor asked me once, what was the difference between fact and fiction. I was stumped at first, even though she told me I already knew. There is little difference between fact and fiction when it comes to writing, as long as you maintain emotional truth.

    You write very well, but if you put it all out there, you have the potential to be a better writer, not that you’re not, I’m just sayin’. Write until it hurts, literally.

    Okay I'll shut up now. Sorry.

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    1. Thanks Charles, this is great advice, and I used to put it all out there on an anonymous blog. Unfortunately, I haven’t the time to devote to three blogs anymore. Two is sometimes hard enough. But I loved my anonymous blog because I never held anything back. Perhaps one day, I’ll start again. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh, I’ll definitely have a look, thanks for telling me. I enabled your notifications, so I’ll actually see the things you post now. For some reason, I can never find you in the reader. I don’t speak to a lot of people on here either. But it’s nice when someone decides they want to connect with me. I think the best kinds of people are always hiding in plain sight. 🙂


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