He doesn’t listen


He doesn’t listen
and seems not to care.
Or is he just clueless
perhaps unaware?

I stomp my feet
I get so mad.
I think he likes it
when I’m sad.

This pattern of life
is frustrating as hell.
I just wanna shake him
and break the spell!

Surely he hears me
as he sits in his chair,
resembling a zombie
with a half-baked stare.

Do I have to dance naked,
would that bring him out?
If you knew him
even you would doubt.

He just doesn’t see me
and I’m always right here.
Being invisible
is what I most fear.

Tell me please,
what shall I do?
I’m being dismissed
like a worn out shoe.

I bet every woman
has faced this kind of day.
We should all just vow,
to go our own way.

Maybe we’d all get noticed
if their beds turned cold.
Weeks without sex,
would surely get old.

Don’t worry though, I’m fine!
Cause I just don’t even care.
I’ll wait and see how he likes it
when I stop washing his dirty underwear!

© 2020 Michelle Cook

Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/people-woman-stripes-sweatshirt-2590564/


32 thoughts on “He doesn’t listen

  1. Interesting. I think it’s either worthwhile relationship or a broken one. Fixing unfixable things rarely works.
    We sometimes start out well, then get downhill, back up and so on until it becomes clear if it’s working for you personally. apparently you maneuvered your marriage wisely.
    We’re both past 60 and have learned a lot about adjustment.
    When I was young, I frequently wanted to be less visible.
    I suppose relationship is mostly what you want to get out of it and what you’re willing to compromise with or give away. Balance. Peaceful coexistence can be good enough, but in younger years we definitely aim for flames and huge passion.
    They burn out, but respect and understanding becomes the cornerstone and base to maintain the whole love structure.
    All the best to you! .

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    1. Thank you for your comment, Inese. I hadn’t remembered this poem until your comment today. I must’ve been in one of my moods the day I wrote this. Lol… Most days are okay and we’re close to 30 years of marriage now. Some days I still can’t get his attention, but for the most part I’m happy and content.


    1. It used to be a big problem for us too. I wrote this poem thinking back to the days when this was how I felt, and I’m truly amazed at how different things are now. And of course no marriage is ever perfect, but somehow we’ve begun to understand each other more. I realized a lot of things last year and one thing I discovered is that I have a very unique relationship with my husband. It’s fairly odd by most people’s standards, but it works for us. 26 years is proof of that. I hope things get better for you.


    1. Oh that sounds like fun! I have an entire week to myself in May and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s good to have time away, everyone appreciates each other more when they’re back together again.

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      1. Yes we take breaks together and apart – I think it’s important to return to self – earlier in our marriage I never did that because of the kids. Finally went on a yoga retreat by myself on the other side of Australia when they were about 10 and 12 respectively – the world did not end but I came back a completely refreshed and different woman. We were besotted with each other for months 😂 well worth it. Since then we see there value in time outs and regularly take myself off as does he.

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    1. It’s one of those things that comes and goes I suppose. I wonder if my husband would say the same thing about me. I definitely don’t give him my undivided attention all the time. When I wrote this poem, I was thinking back to the days when we were newly married. I felt very much invisible in those days. I think nowadays it’s gotten much better. And after 26 years of marriage, we’ve learned not to let things get to either of us as much anymore. I’m sorry you feel like this sometimes. It’s not a very nice feeling to have.

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      1. I haven’t posted about it yet but I am taking the train home instead of taking the bus. I came here on a bus because I needed a road trip. My sister talked me into (I was feeling guilty) taking the train. This is huge. A train means going North to Chicago, EAST to Washington DC then South to Florida.

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