Unrequited love



I realized something today
I love too fiercely for this world.
Perhaps people think I’m disingenuous
when I pour out everything I feel.

And I wonder what I should do
about all the love I have to give.
If I could bottle it, I would.
Surely someone would want it then.

If only I could share my love
with those who really need it,
or pour love into people
who are suffering from the lack of.

The biggest problem is
love hurts when you try to hold it in.
And carrying it around inside of me
is a burden I’m no longer willing to bear.

Sometimes, I just wanna rip out my heart
and feed it to the wolves.
At least then I’d finally be free
from the urge to ever love again.

© 2020 Michelle Cook

Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/people-one-window-abandoned-3111875/

11 thoughts on “Unrequited love

  1. These are similar feelings I share inside. Your post really spoke volumes of what I couldn’t put into words. But I have been saying similar things and emotionally depleted, too.

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    1. Awww… Mason, I’m glad you shared your thoughts with me on this. Sometimes it’s hard when we have so much love to give and feel like nobody will accept it. I hope you will feel emotionally recharged soon. ❤️💫😌


  2. I loved Your post, Dear M!! So much truth and raw feelings but? On the other hand if and when You find True Love it makes every hurt or pain worth suffering!! I’m hoping this is a general piece and not You personally!! Until a person finds a Soulmate it is hard to understand Love Songs or poetry about Love!

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    1. Thanks Chuck, you have a good point. True love is definitely worth every single hurt. And love wouldn’t be such a miracle if it couldn’t conquer all the heartache that it often brings.

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      1. Love is great if you really have a relationship that keeps the IN LOVE feelings. Truth is Your post more accurately points out that many unrequited or requited, live life with a hunger for More – Sadly!!!
        Awesome Post, Dear M!

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        1. Sadly enough, this is all too true. But love being what it is, human nature leads us to always wanting more, even when we already have more than enough. Thanks for all your comments, Chuck. This is one of those subjects that never gets old. 🙂


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