Just thinking…


I’m thinking about people today,
some of the ones I know
and some I don’t.
And I wonder why there are some,
who never seem to respond,
while others are just so willing
to give everything.
I have days when I can’t speak
because I feel like everything
will just come out wrong.
Do you ever have days like that?
Sometimes I just want
to be alone with my thoughts.
People take a lot out of me,
I often feel their emotions
weighing me down.

© 2019 Michelle Cook

Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/girl-thoughtfulness-sadness-1266299/

39 thoughts on “Just thinking…

  1. I have times like this, but not whole days – time’s too precious. I think that I’m quite good at insulating myself against the emotions of others. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that I recognise that one person’s emotion is not another person’s emotion.
    They ought to give a class in school on how to manage our thoughts, emotions and feelings. I mean, seriously, it’s so important!

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    1. I agree, time is too precious. And I think it does get easier to insulate ourselves against the emotions of others as we mature. A class would be wonderful, but then who would ever teach such a class? Does anybody really understand emotions enough to teach anybody how to deal with them?


      1. I agree – it’s tremendously difficult to unravel our own emotions, much less those of others! I think that it must be very mature people who do this teaching. I’ve always thought that it would be very beneficial to bring young people together with older people. I feel that both would benefit tremendously. Just my thoughts.

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        1. I think you’re right, if anyone could do it, it would have to be a very mature person. There are a couple of people who came to my mind when I started thinking about it further. Perhaps someone who is good at speaking with young people as well as old. A kindhearted soul, with a heart of gold. Someone who is more concerned about others than they are about themselves.

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  2. Simple answer, yes. Yes, I have days like that. Which may seem odd, considering my professional work–whether teaching or audiobook narration–requires speech. But I don’t want to be the one always to have to speak. I’m not sure–on certain days–that I would want anyone to hear even if I did speak. And on other days, when I want to be heard–really want it–i don’t think anyone wants to hear. … And here I began this comment with “Simple answer…” Far too garrulous. No wonder there are times when no one wants to listen. … You might want to keep the shiny copper penny.

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  3. I know the feeling, people often drain you. When they do respond they need a response back which is fine but it’s energy.
    Sometimes I just can’t cope with the human race.

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    1. So true and some people are overly needy, which contributes to that loss of energy. I guess this is why I’m careful about who I choose to give my time to. I know once my energy is depleted, I won’t feel like doing anything at all.


  4. Oh Michelle, I totally get this… I can appear rather extroverted at times but I am truly introverted. Moments of sending energy leave me craving alone time to recharge. It’s like on my blog. I can very present in stretches but then need to go quiet. You seem to experience things on a deeper level so interactions are meaningful to you and they do take energy because you give energy. No need to reply here…just keep thinking and building your energy ☺️

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  5. Humans (each unique) often difficult to interpret their behavioral patterns. Some are sweet and kind (like you) – others are all about themselves. I learned not to expect anything from anyone; therefore I don’t become disappointed. When it comes to problems I now (unless immediate family) refrain from involvement. Sometimes my friend we learn a lesson the hard way – being nice doesn’t come with guarantees. Sad!

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