This is my chosen place

This is my chosen place
here in this footloose space.
My niche where anything goes
cause nobody really knows

I can be happy, or I can be sad;
I can be the good girl or even be bad.
And people can only ever wonder
what kind of spell I’m under.

Nobody ever really knows
my story and how it all goes.
I love this unconfined space.
This is my happy place.

© 2020 Michelle Cook

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17 thoughts on “This is my chosen place

  1. Michelle, I liked this earlier, but read it again and focused on the picture. This is your version of Alice’s wonderland, yet the scenery and story changes each time you open a book. You reminded me of finding those wonderful nooks to sit down and leave reality behind in the pages. My wife laughs at me because I change sites in my home as I follow the sunshine to read during the day. Keith

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    1. Oh yes! You’ve nailed it! And I love that you follow the sunshine to read by. Almost like a cat seeking out the best spots in the house throughout the day. Not a cozier spot to be found! 😃😁😉

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