Raindrops never lie

Raindrops never lie,
and yet still, I wondered why.

I guess I should’ve known
because love is never owned.

But still, I’d wished upon a star,
and it didn’t seem all that far.

Yet that’s the illusion of a dream;
it often looks like an intact seam.

So I ignored the knock of fate,
and by then, it was much too late.

© 2021 Michelle Cook

Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/rain-puddle-water-mirroring-wet-2563986/

10 thoughts on “Raindrops never lie

    1. I’ve no idea where I first got the idea for this poem. I started it early last year and finally finished it today. Somewhere in there it felt like a love story gone wrong and I could see the woman paying the price in the end. Hence the reason I chose the photo of the man coming after her. Maybe she was murdered? But it’s completely up for interpretation because even I have no real idea what I was writing about in the first place! Lol 😂

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