Rosy red petunias and pretty pickled peanuts

Ravishing in red
She’s pretty as a petal
Just pitch the peanuts

© 2021 Michelle Cook

*And yet another one of my writing prompts doomed from the start. Where do I come up with these? 🙄

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Writing prompt: Rosy red petunias and pretty pickled peanuts

4 thoughts on “Rosy red petunias and pretty pickled peanuts

  1. Michelle, this may be unintended, but I get a Scarlett O’Hara vibe with the picture of the woman at sunset and the reference to ravishing in red. While the movie is under fire for its sandpapering away of the evils of slavery, O’Hara wore a red dress to a Melanie’s birthday party at the request of Rhett as she refused to release Ashley from being smitten with her. The peanuts reference a very long movie which require food. Forgive my segue. Keith

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    1. Hmmm…. I get the same vibe too. Although I hadn’t really thought about it until you pointed it out. I looked at this picture and thought, she’s throwing out the idea of the pickled peanuts with the toss of her hand and just getting lost in the feel of her ravishing red dress. I also went back and changed the word flower to petal. It just seemed to fit the mood better.

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      1. Michelle, isn’t interesting how one small word change can have such an impact? As an interesting sidebar, my mother was the kindest of souls, but she was not a fan of Ashley Wilkes. He treated his wife poorly as he pined for Scarlett, whom he knew was toying with him. My mother might have thrown those peanuts at him. Keith

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