Vibrant verbena and alabaster artichokes

The verbena still grows
lovelier than ever,
vibrant in violet,
ever reaching toward
the noonday sun.

And yet here I am
in a state of utter confusion,
still looking at the world
through the dullest
shades of gray.

I’m increasingly in awe
of all the flowers in the fields,
the way they sit so simply,
poised in elegance
and imbued with grace.

I reckon I’m more like
the alabaster artichokes,
colorless and thorny on the edges,
still waiting for my chance to revel
in the realm of my full potential.

© 2021 Michelle Cook

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Writing prompt: Vibrant verbena and alabaster artichokes

16 thoughts on “Vibrant verbena and alabaster artichokes

    1. Oh thank you Will… so funny you noticed that! Lol… Although not quite spaced properly, but I did start out with a haiku in mind. I think I changed this one a dozen times before I finally just let it be. I always feel like I’m cheating by doing a haiku, always feels like there should be more. However, I’m embracing the idea more often these days, as it’s always good exercise for the brain. 😉


  1. I imagine their are a few of us that have looked out into the world around us and had similar thoughts. In your case, this can only be creative writing…you are far from colorless and thorny. 💫

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    1. Thank you… I initially added a few more lines to the ending, but I was trying to keep the stanzas the same length, so I took out the last two.


    1. Thank you, Cindy…And that’s funny you mentioned that bit about bursting with color because in my first draft, I added something similar to the end. Lol… Also, thank you for the encouragement. I think you’re the most encouraging person I’ve ever met. ❤️

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