Creepy crud and Elmer Fudd

I just want to get lost
in words I can feel,
immerse myself in things
that are anything but real.

No more creepy crud
or boring Elmer Fudd,
I need to escape into a world
that isn’t such a dud.

I want swirling galaxies
to come sweep me off my feet
and imaginative stories
where I can actually feel the heat.

Bring me to exotic places
where anything can exist,
show me all the things
that you know I can’t resist.

Lead me to a world,
one I’ve never known;
let me see your universe
and make it all your own.

© 2021 Michelle Cook

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Writing prompt: Creepy crud and Elmer Fudd

28 thoughts on “Creepy crud and Elmer Fudd

            1. I’m happy I got to be the one to make your day 😁 I was actually just thinking about writing a post about what didn’t work for me, I think what doesn’t work is just as important as what does, especially with what doesn’t work sometimes leading directly to what does work 🙂

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            2. 😃 I’m glad for that! Lol…And I love the way you put that. So very true… you could title it something like… “The things that don’t work, but then actually do” Kinda make confuse people and cause them to take a second glance to figure out what you mean. Reel em in… 😉

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            3. A title like that does seem to have a lot of personality coming off of it, I might save that for a better opportunity if you don’t use it first 😉 I’ll be thinking of titles for the next few weeks anyway since I’m back to work soon, well part-time work but I’ll probably still rest more because of it 😂

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            4. It’s funny because when I have the least amount of time, I actually find myself being more creative and productive than I normally would be. I guess the momentum helps to carry me along.

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  1. Michelle, I would not have expected such a vivid and evocative poem around one stanza about Elmer Fudd. Even Bugs Bunny would be surprised. Superbly done, my friend. Keith

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