Mad morning mayhem

The morning rush
Leaves me dizzy
Cars here n there
Everyone is busy

I just can’t focus
My nerves are shot
I loosen my tie
But still I’m hot

Not even my coffee
Is helping today
My chest is tight
The sky is gray

The air looks thick
So I hold my breath
Wonder if it’ll help
To delay my death

The day drags on
I try to stay awake
But my coffee is cold
No time for a break

I sit up straight
As the boss walks by
And when he’s passed
I cough out a sigh

The clock is ticking
Louder by the minute
There’s one more hour
But I’ve reached my limit

Finally it’s time
Adrenaline fills me up
But now there’s traffic
My shoulders slump

My grip tightens
Patience worn thin
Still in disbelief
Over the jam I’m in

I spy an opening
The sea finally parts
I almost jump for joy
As the cars begin to start

The way at last clear
I feel like I could cry
But I choke back the tears
Though I don’t know why

I at last take my place
In the race against time
Flying through intersections
Like I’m fleeing a crime

There’s one final hurdle
I’ll see home at last
Grateful to leave mayhem
In rear views past

© 2021 Michelle Cook

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Poetry prompt:  I’ve sort of been in a slump lately when it comes to writing and decided to ask my hubby to start giving me daily prompts.  This is the first one… Mad morning mayhem.

18 thoughts on “Mad morning mayhem

  1. The way at last clear
    I feel like I could cry
    But I choke back the tears
    Though I don’t know why

    Can relate to these words. So tiring and true. 🙂

    For some, home is another frontier.

    Wonderful writing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, home is my current frontier, but I spent years doing the daily commute as well. In the end, I think we all just want time with our families and friends. It’s all about finding the right balance and so often we just get buried under our responsibilities.

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      1. Love SB it’s gorgeous! LA is one of the worst and Orange County and IE are a close follows with the population growth… we really need better commuting options a few trains aren’t nearly enough.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. It really is… but I’m on the east coast now. I’ve had so many near death experiences in LA. I honestly hope I never have to go back. The good thing about California is that you’re sandwiched between mountains and beaches. The views and the weather are what make it worthwhile.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Michelle, you captured the drudgery well. I can see a lot of folks nodding yes. The best thing about working from home is avoiding ninety minutes of traffic depending on the length of two commutes. Keith

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