The sound of serenity

The lazy days of summer
are by and by, fading away;
I hear it as the breeze
sashays through the trees.

Wind chimes join the waltz,
each elegant note
sounding the arrival
of crisp fall days ahead.

The sweet serenade
brings inner peace
and infuses my spirit
with the sound of serenity.

© 2021 Michelle Cook

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57 thoughts on “The sound of serenity

          1. I thought you’d appreciate that. 😁 I always have to be careful myself. Half the time I’m typing without my readers on and I’ve no idea what I’m writing or what emojis I’m selecting. Lol… 😆


            1. Any place in particular? I really miss Shoreline Park. My grandparents used to take me there as a child and we’d walk the beach until the high tides came in. Really miss those days. I grew up in the not so nice parts. But there’s still a beautiful view from wherever you are.

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            2. I’ll be in Monticito and I love that hike there. Last time I was their hiking the floods washed out a lot of homes … soooo sad!😢
              I’n not sure I know where that is but it sounds lovely and the memories so close to your heart. 💖

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            3. Ohh that’s another pretty place to go. It is really sad when the storms cause such destruction; that was something I remember seeing all too often. The fires don’t help either. But it’s still a paradise for those who can afford to live there. 🌴

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            4. I think it’s all gorgeous for sure. Yeah the destruction was devastating and these fires are just too much.. They never end. Sooo pricey for sure paying for paradise I suppose. The weather can’t be beat. 🌈💖

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  1. Wow, this is such a beautiful poem, Michelle. I love every line, and these two are my favorites, “I hear it as the breeze
    sashays through the trees.” Spectacular. I can feel the change of season through every word. ❤🍁🍂

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    1. Thank you, Jeff… I’m embarrassed to admit that this little poem has taken me over a year to finish. Today was finally the day though, and it’s good to have it completed at last. Just in time for the first day of autumn too! 😉🍂

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