Sometimes I feel like I’m walking on mars…

Sometimes I feel like
I’m walking on mars,
out here under
a million stars.

Life as I once knew it
just doesn’t exist;
the air is similar
still, my questions persist.

Infinite considerations
light up the midnight sky,
wonders aplenty
yet not a single answer why.

The intrigue alone
steals my breath away;
if only I could harness the stars
I might find my way.

© 2022 Michelle Cook

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36 thoughts on “Sometimes I feel like I’m walking on mars…

  1. How lovely was this…we seem to be on the same frequency…last week I wrote about the a nightly experience… but the common thing is basking in the universe, even questions, we still accept the beauty of its existence… thank you

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  2. Michelle, nicely done. You did remind me of the old book (or was it an article?) that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Trying to figure out men on their home planet is a tough nut to crack. Maybe the answer is written in the stars. Keith

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    1. Oh yes, I remember that book. I’ve never read it, but the title is one you never forget. I think men are easy to understand, it’s mostly women who confuse me. Lol…


      1. That is part of the mystery. As a husband, one of the lessons I learned early on is my wife wants to vent about problems, not for me to fix them, but just to let her vent about them. Keith

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  3. I have so many questions, too, and I know I’ll never have the answers. This is so relatable. The stars may not have the answers, either, but I love contemplating them, and I think it’s super-cool that you’re a member of an astronomy club! I wish there were a similar club in this area. I have a big box of astronomy books from when I was a teenager (Astronomy Book Club). I was really into it back then, and still love the night skies (I seem to have written an inordinate number of poems about the moon). Magnificent writing, Michelle! 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Mike. 😃I have always had a fascination with with the universe and all the many secrets I know it holds. It feels like the possibilities are endless. I tend to follow all the major social media sites that have anything to do with space. The daily discoveries never cease to amaze me. Guess I’m just a cosmic nerd. So nice to meet another. 🤓🪐☄️✨🌕

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    1. Thank you, Cindy. The first part started out as a prompt i’d written several months ago. I just couldn’t seem to figure out a good ending until today. The second part was inspired by our local astronomy club that I joined this year. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. 💫

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      1. oh I love hearing the origin of your post. Thanks so much for sharing that. I love that you just sat with it and it all jelled. There is such merit in that. I seem to be a “one and done girl”. lol but it does happen to me as well often as well. I really did! 💖🌻🙏

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        1. That’s interesting because with me, I usually write in pieces. Sometimes it even takes me years to finish a certain poem. I’ve usually got at least a dozen going all at once. It’s funny because they always start out in one direction and end in another. I guess that’s why even I don’t remember the entire meaning of the majority of my poems. Lol…

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          1. It is interesting how we are all so unique and different with our approaches. I love that and it is too funny about not remembering what they were about.. hahaha. I have tons of starts with that said I go back to. 💖😂

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