Why does happiness have to be so fleeting?
We think we can hold onto it, but it’s ever taking flight.
Happiness can morph into madness in an instant
or be extinguished in a sad, unexpected moment like a moth to a flame.
If only I could hold it always and keep it safely cradled against my chest.
But happiness always finds a way to elude me.
I’m watching right now as it inconspicuously floats away.

© 2022 Michelle Cook

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32 thoughts on “Stay

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  2. Michelle, nicely done. I think one reason is we want the happiness to remain or be euphoric, when often it might be like a cat lounging in the sunshine on the rug coming through the window. Contentment might linger a little longer than euphoria. Keith

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    1. I agree, contentment does go a lot further. And even if one’s life is 90% content and only 10% happy, it can still be a very fulfilling life. It all depends on the perspective of the one in that position. It’s the whole idea of the glass being half full or the glass half empty. I love the Pollyanna perspective. To find the good even in the bad can only be found by a person who chooses to look for it. We always have a choice.

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  3. Michelle I wrote a big long response to this poem, and had to copy and paste the reply into my blog because it began to form a poem of its own. I love when that happens, so Thankyou for writing such a thought provoking poem yourself. Happiness is fleeting, but I wonder if we would appreciate it as much if we did experience it all the time or whether, like an incredible view, we would become inured to it and it would lose its impact. I’ll be sure to link back to your poem when I finally untangle the strings of my own in a blog post down the track. Until then, I hope happiness finds you today, and sticks around for awhile 💕

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    1. Oh I love it when that happens. I’d written this such a long time ago, at a time when three of my daughters moved away. And today I was thinking about them all and just missing them so much. Our children hold such intricate pieces of our hearts and the pain of not having them all here with me just really affects me from time to time. I can’t wait to read yours. ❤️

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