Ever since…

A sliver of sunlight was all he had as he sat on the cold, stone floor. But the warmth of that thin ray was all he really needed to recall that last day with her. Cowering in the corner of the scanty room, he closed his eyes and allowed his mind to drift to her. She was the only comforting thought he had now, and his memory carried him to the last place they’d been before the world turned upside down.

They’d been sitting in a sunny field surrounded by wildflowers; she’d woven daisies into the shape of a crown and placed the arrangement atop his head. He could still remember the playful look she’d given him as she proudly crowned him king of her heart. Then, in turn, he’d reached down to pluck a dainty flower that was nearly in full bloom and tucked it gently behind her ear. The gesture caused her to giggle, and that sweet melody was a song he’d held onto ever since.

© 2022 Michelle Cook

Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/hand-daisy-flower-finger-302802/

Writing prompt: A sliver of sunlight

24 thoughts on “Ever since…

    1. I think you’re right, and thank you. I wanted to capture the sadness felt by many around the world right now and show that every day matters because you never know what the next one holds. 💛

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    1. Thank you, Jeff. I can only imagine a sad scenario like this. My heart goes out to all of those who are likely facing something like this right now. 💛😢

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      1. Right now, it sure doesn’t seem likely, but we’ve gone through times like this before (us old people have, anyway) and then things settle down and just become part of our ugly history. So I guess we can hope.

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