Among the wildflowers


Among the wildflowers
I laid my heart bare
Speaking to myself
But imagining you there

Your eyes stared back
Hungry with need
As I spilled the words
My heart ached to bleed

You felt the fire
Underneath my dress
As I searched for heartstrings
Embedded on my chest

You fueled my flame
With your incessant desire
And I couldn’t hold back
From what you’d inspired

I gave myself over
To your smoldering touch
Pulling you closer
Wanting you so much

With my eyes closed tight
I uttered your name
On the edge of bliss
You were now mine to claim

I took all you offered
Begging for more
Freeing my desire
Like never before

And in breathless euphoria
My body laid bare
Hidden by wildflowers
Yet you were still there

© 2020 Michelle Cook

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*Thought it would be fun to post this one again.  Originally published 6/18/2020.

49 thoughts on “Among the wildflowers

        1. I completely understand… I think my inspiration often comes in waves. I try to write something every day, but I don’t post very much of what I actually write. There are just some things I write, that I feel like the world is better off seeing. I hope you’ll start finding more inspiration. When you do write, it’s always meaningful and I can tell you put a lot of thought into your words.

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  1. OMG Michelle!! This is one of the most exquisite and sensual poems I’ve read!! So delicate, intimate and passionate!! So fiery and yet deliciously elegant too!! Mmmmm!!!! Bellissimo, Michelle, Bellissiomo!!!

    More of these, Please! Whatever it was you where drinking or dreaming please bring back more of these – Please!! (this is me begging)

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