Buttery biscuits

Better than anything,
her cuteness makes me smile.

Underneath the maple tree,
we laugh for a very long while.

The next thing we both know,
the sun is nearing its stage to set.

Time seems like our enemy
when we realize that’s all we get.

End-of-day loveliness
stretches across the carnation sky.

Remembering the late hour,
still deferring the day’s goodbye.

Yesterday’s such as this
often leave a feeling of bittersweet.

But those memories, they fill us
on days when we’re incomplete.

Illusions of everlasting delight
remain cradled upon our chests.

So many things a mother suffers,
the losses are hard to digest.

Come what may we say in quiet,
as the years start to pass us by.

Until the end draws nearer
and we’re left with all the why’s.

It’s the not knowing that hurts the most;
the answers never found.

This life is never easy,
but we do our best to be around.

Silently we pass; still, nobody ever knows
all a mother suffers and endures
as they watch their babies grow.

© 2022 Michelle Cook

Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/mother-child-family-daughter-girl-3793521/

Writing prompt: Buttery biscuits – given to me by my very sweet daughter, Autumn Rose.

25 thoughts on “Buttery biscuits

  1. It is beautiful and yet it made me cry. I have my oldest in the military and in another country. Not hearing his voice, not seeing him, not being able to hug him and not being able to see with my own eyes that he is safe is painful. I felt your words.

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    1. Thanks! I decided to do an acrostic to make the word prompt a little easier. My daughter who gave me the prompt was surprised by the outcome and we both just ended up laughing because the poem was originally meant to be funny. It definitely didn’t turn out that way. Lol…

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  2. I love the Michelle. I totally relate and especially to this line. Heartfelt and so beautiful.


    “Silently we pass; still, nobody ever knows
    all a mother suffers and endures
    as they watch their babies grow.”

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