Do you ever send whispers on the wind?

Do you ever try to send whispers on the wind,
and if you do, what do you say?
Are your murmurs pleasant and cheery,
or do they come out more cold and gray?

What if everyone sent messages on the wind;
do you think we’d all feel more heard?
Imagine a chance to say all you want
and never be deferred.

I often wonder if our soft soliloquies
do sometimes make it to their intended;
to be able to pour out our hearts without reproach
seems like it would be quite splendid.

Confrontation can be so intimidating;
I often wish others could just feel my words.
Spoken sentimentalities drifting on the wind,
is it really all that absurd?

© 2022 Michelle Cook

18 thoughts on “Do you ever send whispers on the wind?

  1. I have started following your blog since a few weeks and I swear I literally wait for your poems. The rhythm and the rhyme which they carry is so beautiful. Eagerly waiting for your next post.

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    1. Awww…. That just made my whole day. 😊 I have another scheduled to post in a little while. I’ll have to head over your way and see what you’ve been up to. 😃Thanks for visiting me. ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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