Lust colored love

We slept naked,
molten bodies like lava;
we collided.

You felt intense
but loving,
the perfect mixture
of naughty n nice.

I felt like you wanted
to cherish me,
then rape me;
love me,
but leave me hanging
by a lifeless thread.

And we were endless,
both lost in the dark,
floating away in an abyss
of nothing and everything.

Mixing like watercolors
with no describable color,
we lost ourselves
to our lusty love.

Our anchor out of reach,
we kept each other
from whirling away
into oblivion.

Holding steady in the still,
waiting for the light
to at last consume us.

Straying too far
from where we’d begun,
then saved at last
by the never-failing strands
of time.

We soon collapsed
side by side,
nestled in the downy bed
of our imperfections.

© 2022 Michelle Cook

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27 thoughts on “Lust colored love

  1. Hi Michele,
    I was one of those people that caught the word and think i thought.. i have to come back and re-read this to make sure ai captured it right.
    it was a primal read that hit the depth of my senses. Loved the intensity and romantic passion ignited ❤️💗❤️

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  2. Picture portrait in the poems is with the flow and powerful expression.

    Word like
    Lifeless thread
    Nothing and everything
    No describable color

    Ends with
    Nested and in bed with our imperfection

    Beautiful emotions
    God bless

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    1. I was was wondering who would ask that. Lol… It just expresses the intensity of the moment. Some might feel emotionally upset by the use of the word, but some sexual experiences can be this way and I wanted to capture that.

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            1. Thanks for sharing I will read it.
              I am also involved in a lot of practices to get myself inspired but it lasts for some time only.

              Now experience in my 40 s
              Is everything rest is all time pass just filled with EGO, compression and constant race of some type

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            2. I am a scientist and university teacher by profession but always liked Art and culture from my heart. But fail to write any poetic lines. Sometime I see myself not belong to this profession at all

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            3. Oh that’s awesome… I used to work with scientists everyday when I worked in biotechnology. I didn’t start writing on a regular basis until about 8 years ago. I took a poetry class here on WordPress and loved it so much that I decided to keep doing it.

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            4. I also trained in biotechnology myself and now doing working on bioinformatics. AI and Machines learning stuff. Just for the job no inspiration .

              Interesting, Tell me about this poetry class. Is it online possible .

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