Strings of white lights
Strung all around
Soft petaled snowflakes
Falling to the ground
Joyous carolers
Spreading musical cheer
Everyone reminiscing
About another great year
Wide-eyed children
Gathered round each tree
Meeting with Santa
And sitting on his knee
Secret mistletoe kisses
In candlelit rooms
Red poinsettias
Never failing to bloom
Warm eggnog cocktails
And bobble-filled wreaths
Celebrating a season
Full of many beliefs
Garland draped windows
With snowy white scenes
These are the memories
From our childhood dreams

© 2022 Michelle Cook

*I’ve decided to start doing more drawings to go with my poems.  I don’t draw nearly enough and I feel like my skills need improving.  So… I am going to do a weekly drawing and write a poem to go with each one.  I guess by deciding this, I’m sort of starting my New Years resolutions early,  What do y’all think?  Any other ideas for how I can improve my drawing skills while still keeping up with my poetry? ~M

41 thoughts on “Christmastime

    1. Thank you, CQ. I don’t enjoy drawing as much as writing, but I’m trying to change that. It’s harder for me to draw than write, and frustrates me so much more. I think I just have to keep practicing and then it won’t be so hard.

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      1. I usually stare at the paper for much longer when I’m trying to draw and usually ended up intimidated and quitting. I loved drawing when I was a kid, but adulthood stole it from me. At least I can conjure a rhyme every now and again!

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