Time to choose

My mind draws a blank
as the new year looms;
what will happen,
I can only assume.

I’ve a mixed bag of emotions
sitting on my lap;
if some of them spill out,
I might just snap.

I know there is so much good
about to unfold,
so I keep looking at the ground
and do as I’m told.

Don’t question the process,
is what my thoughts say;
eventually, this wary feeling
will start to go away.

But with nobody to talk to,
my mind is in a haze;
still, I try to prepare
for this new life phase.

I’ve got nothing to lose
but everything to gain,
and saying goodbye to the past
will help me stay sane

So, goodbye, I say
to another mixed year.
Freedom awaits;
the odds are very clear.

I’m adjusting my sails,
waiting for the wind
to prepare my course,
and then descend.

I pray for transformation
even though I don’t pray
and, hopefully, a shift
will come my way.

Clearing the dust,
looking for new views,
now’s the perfect time
for me to choose.

© 2022 Michelle Cook

*The drawing is my own attempt at creating a mixed bag of emotions.  Fingers crossed that none of my emotions spill out over the coming year. 🙂 ~M xo

40 thoughts on “Time to choose

  1. Oh I love everything about this poem Michele! Your honesty and rhyming theme. I can almost hear and see you writing it.
    This stanza was awesome (they all were) but got a chuckle too.

    “I pray for transformation
    even though I don’t pray
    and, hopefully, a shift
    will come my way.”

    We feel the year of the world on our shoulders as well.
    loved it.
    Happy New Year my friend as you set sail!
    I’ll meet you in the middle.

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    1. Thank you, Cindy… I always love it when people can leave my page feeling happier than when they came. May your year continue to unfold in the most abundant and blessed ways. 💫

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    1. Thank you, you too! I still have my other blog, but I’m not posting prompts over there right now. I may start back up in the future. I suppose time will tell. 😉


  2. Good luck on the new year ahead!! May your emotions stay in place and your sailing be on smooth waters! Your mixed bag of emotions are very well drawn.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Another year draws near
    Low clouds are yet to clear
    Around our unstable sphere
    We need to carefully steer
    Toward life’s unknown frontier … cheers dear Michelle 🤗🌏😍


      1. Thank you Michelle .. actually I have altered a few words and and made the piece into a “Tanka” and my New Years Eve poem … I’ll post it tonight … thanks for the inspiration 🤗🌏😍🐶

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