The worrywart

Worried about the future
Worried about the past
The worrywart’s worries
Make him such an outcast

He dwells incessantly
On things that bring demise
Every potential threat becomes
Something to analyze

The rest of the world just goes on
Rolling their logical eyes
As the worrywart frets
Becoming panicky and paralyzed

It’s a sight the regulars can’t handle
A disgrace to the sensible ones
But the worrywart still worries
Pleading for help from anyone

And then the worries start to spread
Like a disease that infects the mind
Although the worrier means no harm
The repercussions are still unkind

Then more worrywarts abound
Born of dread and social fear
And life becomes a disastrous mess
As the worries fill every ear

From coast to coast and sea to sea
The endless cycle spreads
And now we’re all just worriers
Wishing we were dead

© 2023 Michelle Cook

*The drawing is my own attempt at creating a worried warthog.  I wanted to do something silly for this one and make it as unrealistic and absurd as possible.  So if you haven’t laughed yet, I guess I’ve failed miserably.  But if you’re at least smiling and shaking your head in disbelief, then I guess I’m doing alright.  😉 ~M 

38 thoughts on “The worrywart

    1. Lol… thank you. 😊I’ll be so glad when I can start writing and drawing again. Been so busy with school these days, I’ve just not had the time. Thank goodness summer break starts in one more week! 😅

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  1. Cool I can’t draw so I say a++😁 I can’t find my way past reader so I hope you can send me email on my contact page Mr was asking writer tquestions again, I’m hoping we hear from you. I’m learning internet with tabtablet and my fighting passwords and sign ins. OK thanks M

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  2. I used to worry and then I just gave up, Michelle. It was too much trouble and life got so busy and fast, I didn’t have a free second to dwell on… anything. That’s not necessarily a good thing, but it curtailed the worrying. A very cute worrywart and clever poem. 😀

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  3. I’m a worrywart, I can’t deny
    But my monkey by my side
    He doesn’t worry, he just parties on
    While I sit and fret, he’s having fun

    I worry about the future, I worry about the past
    My monkey just looks at me, rolling his eyes
    “Come on now,” he says, “it’s time to let go
    Life is meant to be lived, not just to show

    All these worries, they’ll just bring you down
    Let’s go out and paint the town

    The world goes on, with or without your fears
    So let’s have some drinks and cheers

    We’ll worry about tomorrow, tomorrow
    For now, let’s just be merry and hollow

    All these worries, they’ll just bring you down
    Let’s go out and paint the town”

    So off we go, my monkey and I
    Leaving our worries behind, high up in the sky

    Who knows what tomorrow brings
    But for now, we’ll just spread our wings
    And fly, fly, fly

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    1. Ohh I love it! I always get excited when someone gets inspired enough to write a poem after something I’ve written. I just read it to my daughter and she loved it too!

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    1. Thank you, Michael… coming from you, (The master of drawing himself 😉) that’s such a great compliment for me. They’ll be a new drawing every Thursday if I can keep up with my goals. 😅 I hope you’re doing well and enjoying the new year. 💫

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  4. I think he is the cutest worrywart I’ve ever seen actually.
    Well, aside from you and me.. 🤣
    Love your poem.. I’m sending it off right now to a client I see at 8:30 that has this beat believe it or not. 🤣 xo 💗

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