June Ann


I have a new friend
And her name’s June Ann
And oh what a joy she really is

She sends me plenty of thoughtful notes
And I laugh as she boasts
Cause she tells me what a good writer I am

And there’s nothing better for my self-pride
Than to have a friend come along beside
And give me the encouragement I need

So thank you June Ann
For offering me your sweet hand
And being an example of how a true friend should be

It’s people like you
Who keep the rest of us from being blue
Because you’re there when we need you the most

© 2018 Michelle Cook

Dedicated to my friend, June Ann.

11 thoughts on “June Ann

  1. What a surprise to find a poem dedicated to me in my mailroom this morn. I feel very fortunate to have found you on WP. You ‘Michelle’ are a ‘true’ friend. Thanks so much for writing such a beautiful poem. 🙂 🙂

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    1. Awww…. thank you. I just really wanted to do something for you, to show you how truly wonderful I think you are. Hardly anybody reaches out to send a friendly, “Hello, how are you doing?” these days. But you do… and that makes all the difference. Means so much to me, and It’s good to know that people like you still exist. 🙂

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