Connected by love


Connected by love
The kind that only comes from heaven above

Connected at the heart
Knowing life is too short to spend it apart

Connected by a dream
Of one day being an unstoppable team

Connected in soul
Each one always making the other feel whole

Connected by magic
The miles between them is undeniably tragic

© 2018 Michelle Cook

Writing prompt – Connected by love

14 thoughts on “Connected by love

      1. You’re very welcome. 🙂 Now that I’ve figured out how to reblog posts, I can show others’ blogs to my followers who might or might not follow you. Plus I can save my favorite posts! I might also earn myself a little more followers by reblogging 😉

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        1. True… you never know. 😉. The biggest way to get followers is by reading blogs and commenting on posts. The interaction is what everyone loves the most about WP.

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          1. Thank you for the advice! I really appreciate it. I feel like I still need to follow many more blogs. I’ll be able to follow more blogs if I get into different things! 🙂 I also need to keep up to date on posts by others. That’d help too, don’t you think?

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