Lack of love


Lack of love
Hurts my heart
Why can’t people
Ever be smart
Can’t they see
What they’re missing
Love is more
Than just kissing
With genuine love
Souls connect
Hearts entwine
There’s no neglect
Is it so hard
To love this way
This is all
I have left to say

© 2019 Michelle Cook


23 thoughts on “Lack of love

            1. That is very good. In my old age. I love the sea, the forest and dancing with the grandchildren. I love reading and writing. One day, I would like to find people who love the word and live near the Pacific. We must find people, who want to have some fun. I believe the key.

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            2. I grew up in Santa Barbara, and the ocean became my first love. The redwood forest became my second love the first time I set eyes on it at the age of 9. Reading and writing will never get old, and they are the things I find myself doing most everyday. Having fun and laughing is definitely the key to a long lasting relationship. Even during the times when we find ourselves struggling the most, if we can just find something to laugh about, we will always be okay.

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