I felt your lips
press against mine.
They were gentle, hesitant
and your body was shaking.

But as soon as you felt
my body respond with vigor,
there was nothing holding you back.
Your kisses became wild and frantic.
I felt your urgency and need.

And my only thought
was that I wanted more,
as you began devouring
every last bit of me.

© 2020 Michelle Cook

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24 thoughts on “Daydreaming…

      1. That may or may not have been appropriate. I tell you, I see poems like this online all the time, there is such longing in the world and I can’t believe there are so many beautiful & talented people out there who simply need someone to hold them. It breaks my heart in so much as the real tragedy may be that I’m simply a romantic.

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        1. I didn’t think your comment was inappropriate at all, and I always enjoy the feedback I get from other writers. It’s always interesting to see how people will react to certain things I’ve written. I hold back a lot of what I write and keep it to myself. There are some things that I don’t feel like I can share here, things that are much too personal. But every now and then, I throw out a few things that tend to show my true feelings. We definitely need more romantics in this world, so that’s not a tragedy at all.

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