He lingers…


He lingers nearby
On the edge of the page
The page we’re still writing
Where love continues to blossom
Unfolding ever so delicately
And he’s mesmerized
By the mind-boggling splendor
His eyes so bright
Enthusiastically consumed
With the miraculous happenings
Of what he observes
And he stays a little longer
Leaning in for a closer view
Lingering in the loveliness
Of our imperishable page
So beautifully written
Full of all the days we’ve shared
Memories of us
And the many years we’ve loved

© 2020 Michelle Cook

Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/address-book-notebook-notes-2246432/

24 thoughts on “He lingers…

          1. Well, yes as a matter of fact it Did!! Yeah!! Started one way and ended up somewhere else! Ha! I’m sure that never happens to you, does it? LOL Would love to share – A Muse’s Privilege – with you, if you have an interest in reading it? chucklindholm@hotmail.com
            Thanks so much for the seed of inspiration for this, Dear Michelle!!


  1. Michelle, this is REALLY amazing! There is something about this that has to resonates deeply with people who love deeply and also love to write or dream. The story lived and empty pages filled 💖

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  2. Gorgeous… I remember those days.. when she would place her arms around my shoulders, and lean over to see what I was writing … she would smile and her eyes would sparkle…..xx

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