On my way

I stepped away,
left the beaten path,
and traversed my own way
to find my way.
It wasn’t easy,
and I’m still not quite there,
but the decision
to take a different course
has enabled me
to leave behind everyone
and everything
that was steering me towards
that dreadful rocky road,
the one we all sometimes face.
It was lucky for me
that somehow in my heart,
I knew I was going nowhere.
I remember peril,
urging me on
from that tempting horizon,
and it was so hard to say no.
But now,
after walking away
from where troubled waters
sloshed at my feet,
I see peace,
at last,
urging me on,
guiding me towards
the finish line.
Of course, now
It’s up to me
to regain my bearings
and finally go after
what I’ve been seeking all along.
And if I can do all that,
I might just have done
all that I was meant to do.

© 2020 Michelle Cook

Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/countryside-crops-dawn-dusk-1835847/

27 thoughts on “On my way

  1. Michelle, seeing the picture with her hands on head, then reading the pondering words, and going back to the picture, I feel I know what she is thinking. I hike a lot which is where I do my best thinking. Well done. Keith

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    1. Thanks Keith, I gain a lot of my inspiration from being outdoors as well. Just visited a beautiful waterfall this past weekend and with the fall colors it was all so very lovely. I can’t wait to go again!


      1. Michelle, love it. My wife and I took a trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway last month and enjoyed the scenery. They have several waterfalls off the parkway. The waterfalls are just majestic. Keith

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        1. Oh you live in Virginia too? The waterfall we explored was Great Falls, so not too far from where you were. We just moved here, so we’re just starting to explore all these new places. It’s quite beautiful.

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          1. Michelle, we live in NC. There are some great waterfalls in Brevard and Transylvania counties. We also like the one at Chimney Rock, where they filmed “The Last of the Mohicans.” We need to check out Great Falls. Keith

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            1. Oh… I’ll have to see if we can visit those areas too. We’re actually going to the blue ridge mountains today. I thought it was funny when my hubby came home last night and announced that he wanted to go there, after you had just told me you’d gone. Lol


            2. Michelle, there is a cool site in Virginia, near the NC border, called Mabry’s Mill. It is a fun stop. In NC, between Blowing Rock and Grandfather Mountain, there is a portion that is built into the mountain. It is spectacular. Keith

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            3. Thanks Keith, I’m definitely going to put that on my list of places to visit. We walked part of the Appalachian trail yesterday and it was definitely not an easy hike. Gorgeous views made it all worthwhile though. Can’t wait to explore more around here.

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            4. Michelle, there is a cool trail called the Creeper Trail in Abingdon, VA which follows an old train line called the Virginia Creeper. Abingdon is a cool little town near Bristol. Even though we are not huge country music fans, there is a truly excellent museum in Bristol about the birth of recorded country music which started when a New York record producer put an add in the paper looking for talent and made several dozen recordings there.. It is fascinating, plus Bristol is also a cool town, a little larger than Abingdon. Keith

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    1. I know and we’re gonna have to plan a visit once this virus stops limiting our options.

      And thank you… I haven’t been feeling much like writing lately, so I took advantage of something that I’d been thinking about for quite sometime now, and this is what happened. 😉

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