I remember that day…

I remember the way the branches
curled towards me that day,
the way they swayed to and fro.
It was something
beautifully unexpected,
a miracle of nature,
a divine curiosity.
And I remember standing there
in wide-eyed awe,
losing myself
to the sheer loveliness,
lost in a state
of childlike wonder.
Chills crept down my spine
in delightful little bits,
and goosebumps erupted
as a plethora
of tingling sensations
washed over me
from head to toe.
But the thrill
wasn’t meant to last,
and after one breathless sigh
I blinked,
and the exquisite array vanished.
That was when
the heaviness began to gather
at my feet,
and an unforeseen darkness
approached from a place
I’d never been.
As the winds altered
their direction,
everything changed.
And the wondrous splendor
of that unforgettable day
is still nowhere to be found.

© 2021 Michelle Cook

Photo taken: July 10, 2020 in Milton, WI

41 thoughts on “I remember that day…

    1. Thank you Inese, that’s exactly the way I see it too. I’m always trying to paint a picture with my words. And some moments just have to be captured in whatever way we can.


  1. Yet, it is there within you. And in the lovely verse(s) you pen, Michelle. I don’t even want, at that moment in the poem, to consider what comes next. It is enough–warm and engaging and inspiring enough–to stay there, at least in my thoughts. And in my memories, which is where your words have sent me–into delightful (albeit transcient) memories. Thank you for this.

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    1. I hold onto that moment every day. So glad you could see it through these words. I know better days are coming soon because what once was, shall be again. 🌸 ☀️ 🌷

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  2. Michelle, fascinating. Since I hike in the forest a lot, I was thinking of the sign of just before dusk when there is a strobe light affect through the trees which is magical. But, if you stay past dusk, it is dark. It is an interesting metaphor. Keith

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