Something to cling to…

Amid the chaos
of our cluttered world,
sometimes we have only
but a past moment,
something distinctly different
from all the other colorless days.
And that one solitary moment,
the one we treasure
with fondness and love
gives us something to cling to
when we can no longer see
a single thread of light.
Those rare moments exist
to reassure us during the times
when the dark dares
to snuff out our light.
That one blessed memory
is often what unexpectedly
sees us through.

© 2021 Michelle Cook

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73 thoughts on “Something to cling to…

  1. Michelle, great words. It reminded me of the time we put to bed an issue which had been going on with a close relative. We sat down for eight minutes. Eight minutes. And, the phone rang with another close relative on the phone with a problem. I looked at my wife and said, “at least we had those eight minutes of solace.” Keith

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    1. It’s interesting to me how everyone’s “moment” is so different from everyone else’s. My go to moment took place one night when I was a teenager, and I was out at the very end of a pier, fishing with my step dad. It was pitch black that night except for a couple of lampposts that were down towards the entrance to the pier. I think it was around midnight, when all of a sudden a meteor shower began. There had to be hundreds of them, shooting across the sky. And I’ve never forgotten just how magical that moment really was. And that’s the reason I cling to that moment. It reminds me of just how wonderful our world really is.

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            1. Me too… and if you ever need anything, just reach out. I’m always here. Nothing is easy these days and it’s not good to be alone when you’re feeling down. 🙂

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