Carefree considerations

When you try to cheer yourself up,
but nothing really works,
and your friends are all being
such unapproachable jerks.

You just have to remember
that some days will suck,
so hold your head high
and don’t give a f**K.

And if you feel like screaming,
just let it all out.
Say every nasty word,
and don’t hesitate to shout.

If the neighbors start to complain,
just scream a little louder;
they’ll look the other way
when they see your rifle and gun powder.

Stand as tall as you can
and bid your shitty day farewell
because you’ve made up your mind,
knowing it’s better not to dwell.

Be happy you’re alive
and be grateful for each day.
And don’t forget to laugh sometimes,
it really is okay.

© 2022 Michelle Cook

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37 thoughts on “Carefree considerations

  1. Oh I loved your powerful words with no filtering dearest Michele. I got a good chuckle too since you know how it’s been dealing with these neighbors. It came at a perfect time for Fri-Yay make the most of it day. I’m loading my shot gun now.. 😂😂😂
    Thanks for the fun and laughter dear friend.
    “If the neighbors start to complain,
    just scream a little louder;
    they’ll look the other way
    when they see your rifle and gun powder.”

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    1. Funny, I was writing you a comment just as you were writing one to me.😉
      I’m glad you could get a chuckle out of this. This was one I’d started writing several years ago and never finished until last night. I figured everyone could use a little humor right now. Life is just plain hard these days. I’m glad you’re smiling after the week you’ve had. 😅🛀🏻💛xo

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      1. Oh that’s just hysterical!!!
        I loved it 😂😂!
        Oh one in you TBF pile like you told me about. What perfect timing! felt like you wrote it just for me dearest.. hahahah. We def need to laugh right now.. Smiling is good for the soul and I’m grinning ear to ear chatting with you right now.. thanks!! 💖💖😂👏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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        1. And your peeing down the street story did the same for me. I came near to doing that myself the other day! 😬But that’s just cause I’m old now and the pipes seem to burst more easily if I’m not careful. 😳 Lol… I’m glad we’re both finding things to laugh about today. I’m off to go have a mammogram and you know those are never fun. 😩

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          1. oh gosh.. it’s getting worse nowadays too.. hahahahaha yes indeed older days will do that.. but us older? Nay… hahah/!
            I’m glad we can laugh together for comic relief. Oh sorry about that.. i had mine but cancelled my colonoscopy.. good luck with that.. I have to reschedule.. thanks for reminding me.. NOT.. hahaha 💖😂😂😂

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            1. Ha! I was thinking about that, but then I figured does it really matter? It’s just normal stuff that most everyone faces already. Now if I told them about my second head or my third arm, they might be a little freaked out I guess. 🤪😳😬🤭🤫


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