Exciting news! Read all about it!


Well, I’ve got some rather exciting news to tell all of you about, and I just can’t hold it in any longer.  Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been rather aloof these days, and I promise you, it comes with good reason.  I have been secretly working on 12 poetry books, and my first one is finally ready for publication!  Can you believe it?  Well, I can’t… seriously, it seems so surreal to me.  I just got my proof in the mail yesterday.  Isn’t she purdy… 😋

Anyway, if you’re into lovey dovey, mushy type poetry books, one which is bound to leave your heart fluttering right out of your chest, then you’ll want to order a copy of my book for Valentines Day.  I promise you it’ll be the perfect gift idea for your sweetheart.  Of course, I am a little bias I suppose.  So here’s a heads up that it’ll be released for publication on February 1st.  Like I said… just in time for the big Hallmark holiday.  And if you have the sudden urge to be all romantic, you’ll be able to buy my book on Amazon before the big day arrives.  Gee… maybe I should find a way to throw in a free box of chocolates with every order.  I’ll have to work on that.  😉  ~M xo

71 thoughts on “Exciting news! Read all about it!

    1. Thanks so much! And yes I did. And I’m still working on all the others. Lol. I’ve been going to school for digital art, thinking maybe I can do my own illustrations and book covers. Fingers-crossed I get there! I also have another book I published before this one, but it’s only available by subscription right now. It’s called Revelations of the Past and it’s basically an account of the book of Genesis and what it was like for one particular girl to witness everything that happened during that time period. I’m really interested to know if you have any books out yet, and if so, how did you publish yours?

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      1. I have self-published through blurb. I have the one which a title of my blog. I can send it to you as a ebook (pdf). Then I have a poetry book called “Reflections: There will be no pity party”. Who did you publish through.
        Digital arts, I hope you move forward on that goal. Then you can charge me to do my illustrations. By the way, do the subscription cost to get “Revelations of the past”?

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        1. I’ve never heard of Blurb, so I’ll have to check it out! I’ll also have to take a look at your books. I’m not very good at keeping up on my book reading though. I’ve got a list a mile long of books I aim to read and I never get any of them finished these days. It’s awful! Lol… I hope I can do something with my digital art as well. If I can at least make one of my book covers, I’ll be happy. And yes, the subscription to view my book is $5 a month, but you get access to other books as well and you can cancel your subscription any time. Plus, the first month is free!
          The details can be found here. 😉


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            1. Thanks! I published through Create Space, which of course now is Kdp. I saw your books on Amazon and they look really good too. I added them in my wish list. If I order them both, it’s only about $20 and that includes shipping, which seems like a good price to me. Does Blurb offer a way to buy from their site directly? I’m a prime member on Amazon, so shipping is almost always free for me.

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            2. Yes blurb sells book from their site as well. Did you ever consider publishing through Amazon? Can I find your email on your site. I will send my first book as an attachment. It is a easy read of around 43 pages.

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            3. Oh that’s good to know! And yes, Kdp is actually Amazons publishing site. And that’d be great, I’d love to read it! My email is the same name as my site, which is, herwritinghaven at gmail. 🙂


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