I wrestle with them.
Some are just worth fighting for.

And even one good word can make life worth living — bringing hope to a day, which might otherwise be dark and dismal.

But a bad word can be so disheartening — often reminds me of a rosebud that wilts before it ever has the chance to bloom.

If only our words could always be like rainbows,
we’d never have to feel so gray.

© 2019 Michelle Cook

16 thoughts on “Words

  1. Words are powerful … much more so than sticks or stones. Words are life, for better or for worse. Your words, though, are thought-provoking. And beautiful, even when they arrive from a dark corner.


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  2. Words – I go round in circles sometimes on a concept – I need the right words to explain this ephemeral feeling that I have then from nowhere on something completely different they line up like school kids and march into the poem without me even trying – it’s a wonder this writing thing – a daily wonder

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    1. What you have is a gift, Kate…. and God gave you that gift because he knew he could entrust it to you. I think that’s what often makes writing such a wonder… we can’t even comprehend the words which come out if us sometimes.

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      1. I think writing (when we let go) comes from another place and poetry in particular comes from the subconscious and speaks to the subconscious in others which is why it can appear profound at times – because it makes so much sense. I guess, I really don’t know, but thank-you Michelle. 😊

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