The way love is…


We can love with all we’ve got
And we can give our hearts away
But that doesn’t necessarily mean
That the ones we love will stay

And sometimes there are people
Who just can’t love you back
No matter what we say or do
There’s something that they lack

And maybe it’s because
Some people just can’t see
The importance of a person
Who’d give everything like me

© 2019 Michelle Cook

14 thoughts on “The way love is…

  1. This is sad but true for far too many of us. 😔Personally, I think it is especially true for those whose personalities tend to make them feel things on a deeper level and have a more sensual nature. It is hard to find someone that return that same energy. 💫

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  2. Wow Michelle!! You really know how to reach my heart with your words!! You put me on the edge of tears (I’m guy so I’m not supposed to admit that sometimes words and feelings make me cry. Shhh . . . . Please don’t tell). Love reading words from a Heart so tender!!
    xoxo 🌹💖😘

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