The lonely one


Thinking of you today
and I ask myself this…
How can anyone be lonely
when they have a million friends?
But I suppose it’s more than that
isn’t it?
It’s the foundation
the connectedness
the secret loyalties among confidences.
All these things matter
in order to gauge the true value of a friend.
And sadly
without the right combination
our state of loneliness
is never very far away.

© 2020 Michelle Cook

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33 thoughts on “The lonely one

  1. So so very true. There are many friends in our lives that come and go and some are closer than others. My current husband is that friend when not around leaves me in that void of loneliness. He’s also the friend who taught me you have to learn to march to your on drummer, you are your own destiny. To never feel lonely, instead trust your one instincts.

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      1. After being married to a very insecure and jealous man, he is a dream come true, has helped and encouraged me to be the person I am/have become. It’s wonderful to be fully trusted, respected and not judged.

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  2. Love the depth and emotional awareness you expressed. As I was cranking through posts in my reader, you stopped me in my tracks. When it comes to connections, depth is always preferable to breadth in my book.

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    1. That’s exactly how I feel too. I think just one solid connection with someone is better than a thousand friends. But trying to find that one person is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I’ve learned to hold on tight when I do find a strong connection with someone and I try so hard to never take them for granted.

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  3. Being alone, but not feeling lonely and vice versa. It probably depends on whether one is used to be alone or not. Some people see it as a disaster, som as an advantage. Regardless of our position towards any matter, there are times when we feel lonely and abandoned even if it isn’t true.
    Filling loneliness with color is what I do. It works well.

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