Under a strawberry sky

Life was forever bliss
under that strawberry sky.

Intertwined, we remained,
just you and I.

Caught up in imaginings
only we could see.

Keeping each other’s secrets
and running free.

Making love on that sandy,
secluded shore.

Every delicious desire
was ours to explore.

© 2021 Michelle Cook

Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/indonesia-islands-landscape-sea-5172119/

39 thoughts on “Under a strawberry sky

        1. Hmmm… how would you define “fluffy?” I was intrigued, so I looked up the word. The definitions were hilarious if you look them up in the Urban dictionary. I didn’t list them all. Some were, let’s just say… interesting. Lol… 😅 So I listed the tamer ones below. What do you think, do any of these fit me? 😁Lol…

          Fluffy definitions:

          1. When someone is lovable and huggable but also everything that’s good about that person.

          2. Something/someone that is perfect in every single way possible from your own personal perspective.

          3. Pleasant but not serious or important.

          4. Something that is soft and airy, or something that is light or without substance.

          5. Warm and comforting.

          6. An awesome type of person, can often mean adorable, fun loving, and cuddly. Can be referred to as a person who is extremely attractive on occasion.

          7. A term used to describe a woman whose body type does not fit the “sickly thin model” standard.

          8. Awesome, amazing, fuckin’ brilliant, rocks your socks, etc.

          9. Meaning something is cool, rad, sweet, etc….

          10. Having little or no intellectual weight; superficial or frivolous.

          If you want my honest opinion though, if you want to be fluffier and lighter, kinda like a cute teddy bear, then you just gotta roll with punches in life and embrace every good and kind person that comes your way. Oh and last but not least, remember this…
          “Nobody can ruin your day without your permission.” 😉

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          1. Most interesting comment I’ve read all week, hands down! 😀
            So, let me see … I didn’t mean fat. I didn’t mean that you fluff up porn stars, I didn’t mean that you don’t have intellectual weight and I didn’t specifically mean, at the time, that you’re awesome and amazing. I guess the nearest on that list is that you’re ‘adorable, fun-loving, and cuddly’, but not in a physical way (I mean, how would I know) but in a psychological way. I guess, when I think about it, I was going for bubbly but got lost inside a teddy bear. Does that make sense?
            Your advice is … interesting. It’s not exactly what I was expecting, which doesn’t make it any less valid. I was … no, wait, I know what it is that’s dissonant for me: I don’t really experience life as being redolent with punches and people out to ruin my day. I see life and people as being essentially good, well-meaning and protective. This makes me steady. I guess what I need is a little extra bounce every now and again. I think that ’embracing every good and kind person that comes my way’ would hit that spot to some extent, but I need a little more. It’s that gap I need to bridge. You give me a way to bridge the gap between ‘normal’ and ‘loving’ and I want a way to bridge the gap between ‘loving’ and ‘fun with ever so slightly ditzy overtones’. And, yes, that’s the way I see you.
            And yes, that’s my cue to shut the slap up.
            🙂 Robert.

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            1. Well, I guess I’m not all bad then. I’ll take bubbly.😉🍾
              As far as life goes, I’m friends with a lot of people who tend to see the glass half empty rather than half full. So I’m always having to remind them that life isn’t completely terrible. But since you’re already steady, you should probably just keep doing more of what you’re already doing. And of course we all want to bridge the gap between normal and loving. WordPress is one of the only ways I’ve found to do that. The quirky people I’ve met here, have saved me from the monotony of most ordinary days. And btw… I’m still laughing over the ditzy overtones comment. 😆

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            2. Makes perfect sense. 🙂
              Okay, I’ve been looking at this now for a few minutes and I can’t think of another darned thing to say so I’ll leave it there for now.
              Rest assured, though: if inspiration comes to me during the nights I’ll be sure to whip out my laptop, phone or whatever comes to hand and send you off a quick message. Fair?
              Laters, M.

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