Come away with me

I can’t wait to see the world
stretched out at my feet
and lose myself to love,
getting lost in your heartbeat.

I need the air I breathe
to be shared only by you
and for you to come away
and have all of this too.

I want to see the road ahead
go on forever,
taking you with me
on every endeavor.

I need to spend my whole life
with you by my side
because wherever you are
is where my heart resides.

© 2021 Michelle Cook

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24 thoughts on “Come away with me

  1. Gorgeous poem, Michelle. Magical and lyrical. I love the lines “getting lost in your heartbeat.” and, “is where my heart resides.” I love every line, yet these two spoke to me. Love is so powerful, when we feel it deeply, which is how this poem reads to me, we feel it in every fiber of our being. It’s what I get when I read this poem. Beautiful. 💖

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