We’re the ones
who didn’t stay,
just kinda wanted
to go our own way.

Those who stayed
are still mostly the same,
and nobody really knows
who we became.

Cause when you don’t stay,
they just don’t know,
and who you were
becomes a distant show.

We took a leap
and found an open door,
and what we discovered
couldn’t be more.

© 2021 Michelle Cook

Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/family-sunset-friendship-friends-2609528/

24 thoughts on “Leap

      1. You’re sooo welclome! Oh I sooooo love when that happens.. !!! Mine comes around then too but my husband doesn’t love me clicking away.. in my remodel I’m putting in a bay window.. I might just sleep there.. lol 💖

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  1. Wow. This poem resontes deeply within me. For me, it speaks of taking a stand, and doing something that goes against the grain, and that, in doing this, often, people will challenge your new way of being, yet, when we are clear, we keep moving forward regardless, as we have an inner-knowing of who we truly are. I love this poem, Michelle. Beautiful. 🤗💙

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