Silent killer

Silent killer,
invisible threat,
wrapped around my heart
like an all-consuming net.
Tugging, squeezing,
barely able to breathe,
this is the reason
why I endlessly grieve.
The elephant in the room
gets heavier on my heart,
feels like my insides
are being ripped apart.
Loss is a thing
I cannot seem to bear;
still, the weight of it
follows me everywhere.

© 2022 Michelle Cook

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35 thoughts on “Silent killer

    1. Sorry… it took me forever to get to approving my comments. I’ve just been in such a weary mood that I didn’t have the energy to even check to see what anyone had said. I’m doing better today though. I think we all just need time to grieve sometimes. You’re always so sweet to check in on me.❤️

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      1. Not a worry my dear friend!! You are an angel and even they get down sometimes so it’s ok. Be gentle with yourself while you get your energy back and make your way back to the page. You were missed. Hugs and love!!!!❤️💞

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