Do you ever feel…

Do you ever feel
like you can’t reach out,
like nobody will understand
what you’re all about.

Do you ever feel
like you don’t fit in,
and you wish you could change
all your thoughts within.

Do you ever feel
like the world waves you away,
as if you don’t matter
like you’ve nothing to say.

Do you ever feel
like you’re doing it all wrong,
and no matter what you try
you still don’t feel strong.

Do you ever feel
like you’re hopelessly lost,
but you still try to continue,
knowing what giving up costs.

Do you ever feel
like a failure or mistake,
going through the motions
even when your enthusiasm is fake.

Do you ever feel
like you just can’t get things right,
but you know you can’t surrender;
not without a fight.

Do you ever feel
like you shouldn’t say a word,
because everyone might think
your words are just absurd.

Do you ever feel
like you hold back all your grief,
and you wish in desperation
for a minute of relief.

Do you ever feel
like nobody will understand,
and you wish for somebody
to come along and hold your hand.

Do you ever feel
like someone should listen,
but at long last, you realize
you are no magician.

© 2022 Michelle Cook

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35 thoughts on “Do you ever feel…

  1. What a beautiful poem!!
    The first thing that I’m reading this morning and I love how smooth it is.
    It’s like magic, it’s just happening so softly. This beautiful poem expresses human emotions perfectly. Kudos to you M!!
    I missed this energy of yours.


  2. Yes .. Yes .. Yes … but I supposed my has been more than complicated, and I am definitely no magician, .. I’m just a lonely old survivor

    Nestled, (a Haiku)

    I sit in silence
    Tired, but calmly self-assured
    Nestled and settled

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  3. 🙋🏻‍♀️ The answer is ‘yes’ and I wondered as I read your ‘beautiful’ poem how many others in the world share these same or similar thoughts and feelings. Excellent poem! 😊👵🏻

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m doing okay – some days better than others. I continue my best to move forward amid all the challenges.
        Life alone far from the Golden years I’d looked forward to in the last chapter of life. Thank you for your continued kindness. I’ve never forgotten how helpful you were and the surprise poem you penned for me. 😊🥰


        1. That must be so difficult. Life is so very hard sometimes. Thankfully, we do have those little surprises along the way, and I’m glad to know Ive been a help to you. Ive never forgotten your kindness either. You are one of the few who have read my poetry book, and sometimes I still reread your review when I need some encouragement to continue with my writing. Knowing someone listened to me and enjoyed what I’d written was such a lovely surprise to me. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead. 🌻❤️☀️


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